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Why the world loves the Egg Chair

Holding the body in a womb-like embrace, nothing tops the ingenuity of the famous Egg chair. During the 1960s, the Egg chair craze took off thanks to the design of the Danish designer Arne Jacobsen. In 1958, the Jacobsen Egg chair design was created, offering an expert pairing of form and function. An instant classic, Jacobsen’s design intrigued with the promise of a cocoon of comfort and added quirkiness that many have since tried to emulate. So, what is the story of this popular seat?

Egg Chair

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Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair

Originally designed for the luxurious lobby of the SAS Royal Hotel Copenhagen, Jacobsen’s original design goal was to carve out a private space in a very public setting. general. Showing wavy contours and foam-seat bases, Egg chairs were considered revolutionary in an era when most designers were experimenting with tubular metal.

The curve of the Egg chair was quite exceptional for the time and occurred for a rather unusual reason – Jacobsen wanted the hotel interior to be in direct contrast to the modernist outside. The soft organic lines of the egg were to provide protection from the harsh glass and steel.

When first exhibited, the egg become something of a landmark in modern furniture design, being created by using new materials and new construction methods – foam shell covered by upholstery. This opened a world of possibilities for other designers at the time.

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Egg chairs

Why We Love It: With height and the wingback chair sides, it feels like you’re being held. The Egg chair speaks to our desire for the most introverted huddle whilst wearing headphones or lost in a book and to pass a few hours in a cocoon of happiness. Whether you’re an extrovert and life and soul of the party or not, we could all use a little grown-up ‘time out’ occasionally. The Egg chair offers just that in a package design that is truly immortal.

How to Use It: The chair boasts plenty of design integrity, meaning it’s enough to guarantee it a place as a statement piece in any room of the house. Jacobsen’s Egg chair works in both traditional and contemporary interiors. With that said, to make sure it fits like a dream into an existing décor, choose one in a fabric and shade that is similar to existing furniture in your home. It will make all the difference.